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BiZ magnet Purchase Module

The Purchase Module System will generate a purchase requisition depending on the item’s re-order level or the operator can input it. The list is forwarded to different suppliers for submission of quotations for the requiredMaterials.After the receipt of quotation from different supplier the system will compare the Pricing for quotation and suggest the best source for supply of material.

The purchase order will be raised according to quotation received from supplier and as per requirement of establishment. After the receipt of Performa invoice from supplier the quotation will be converted to shipping document as per information provided by the supplier on Performa invoice. The module has facility to do costing for material after the all the charges are calculated and registered in system then the GRN will be issued from purchase module after the receipt of goods against the purchase order and discrepancy report will automatically be generated for short shipment etc.

The following parameters will be taken into consideration.


• Department, item quantity, price, supplier, discount, shipping & insurance cost.

• Reference, date of order, required date of delivery, terms of payment, currency.

• Batch number, expiry date.

• Statement to Zakath Department for taxes purpose,

• Weekly Report or Periodic Report to Clearing Agent,

• Report to Finance Department,

• Report to Inventory Department / Stores


Main Features

• Demands

• Suggested Order

• Purchase Order

• Letter of Credit

• Shipment and tracking

• Document Follow-ups

• Insurance

• Shortage and frequencies

• Back order

• Goods Receipt

• Goods Return

• Costing

• Consignments

  • Allocation
  • Invoicing
  • Relocation