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BiZ magnet Finance module

Finance Management

Biz magnet provides right solution for your accounting and reporting system. Our financial accounting module unifies robust financial accounting functionality to help you manage the complexities of your companies accounting and reporting requirements.

BiZ Magnet fiancé system provides comprehensive financial functionality and control. Biz magnet is extremely well-suited for bottom- to- high end corporate accounting. This system fully integrated and including general ledger, voucher, chart of accounts and reports etc.

BiZ magnet financial system ideal for small to large enterprises that provide extensive accounting information at different level. You can track your accounts at different levels easily.  

Chart of accounts
    • Record all your financial process in to comprehensive general ledger
    • Multi Company
    • Cost centers
    • Multi-Level
    • reports
    • Drill down from trial balance, P &L, and Balance sheet  to the source document
    • Statement of Accounts
    • Movement of Accounts
    • User defined Formats for:-
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss
    • Any other financial Statements
    • Masters
    • voucher type l
    • Sub ledger
    • Currency
    • Dictionary
    • Cost centers
    • Pay type
    • Levels
    • View chart of accounts
    • Tree view of chart of accounts
    • Voucher entry
    • Display voucher entry
    • Voucher summery
    • posting
    • Trial balance up to date at each level
    • Trail balance date to date
    • Profit and loss account up to date at each level
    • Profit and loss account date to date
    • Balance sheet up to date at each level
    • Balance sheet level date to date
    • Opening Balance report

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