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Inventory Management Module

Trading and Inventory

Inventory Management Module is designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Our Inventory software is an intuitive, easy to use, robust, multi-user inventory business management system and accounting software that includes inventory, customer management, vendor management.

Our inventory management system offers comprehensive system to meet your business objectives both long term and short term. The system will have the track of all stock available and will have the reserve stock function. The cost per Item will be calculated according to the procedure of acquiring the goods (local/Import).

Record of all stock will be kept in such a way that an item from the same group (but with a different location) will be treated as an individual item.  A full protection to prevent repetition of detail entry in Stock Master File will be provided.


  1. Support for stock code number up to 22 digits.
  2. Have Batch processing facility
  3. Include Picking Slip/Requisition (sorted by location)
  4. Include sub ordering system
  5. Include perpetual Stock taking
  6. Include ABC movement group reports
  7. Generate daily and weekly Sales reports
  8. Provide Database Maintenance functions
  9. Provide full inquiry functions
  10. Interface with Accounting system
  11. Include location codes (primary and secondary)
  12. Handle multiple currencies in Supplier Invoices
  13. Include a Reserve Stock function
  14. Include Cardex Functions
  15. Include cost calculation procedure/formula
  16. Include a menu driven option to Backup data files.


  1. Let your sales department know what stock is available and what stock is due in and when.
  2. Discover any slow moving or non moving stock that is occupying warehouse space that could be utilized by ranges that sell and are able to take action accordingly.
  3. Identify the products you are selling and ensure you are stocking the most efficient amount.
  4. Purchase not just one product but all products efficiently saving you money on supplier delivery charges.
  5. Are provided with business analysis information to ensure you keep on storing the minimum amount of inventory and maximizing your business’s potential.
  6. Holding only the stock you need ensures vital capital.





Warehouse Management System

WMS simplifies the receiving of stock and dispatch of orders whilst modelling your warehousing arrangements with complete precision.
Receiving :  Identify each box with individual license plate barcode for full inventory tracking and QC
Putaway : Items put away either to reserve storage r picking location—system directed
Storage : All inventory processed in FIFO order
Pick/QC : Pick either with paper into totes (B2C) or RF devices onto pallets (store replen). QC scan. Prepare for packing
Packing : According to Client requirements. 
Shipping: Processed through small package terminal.