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Sales Management

Enhance your Sales process with our sales management software


BiZ magnet sales management automates time consuming administrative tasks by streamlining sales management process and keeping sales and customer data effectively organized. Our software is a chain of inter related process. It’s starting from customer enquiry in the system. The customer next request a quotation, which then you creates by referring to the enquiry. The customer later places an order on the basis of quotation and you create a sales order with reference to the quotation. Performa invoice can generate for required customers. Then ship the goods and invoice to the customer.


Our system includes:-sale

  • Enquiry

  • Quotation

  • Order

  • Performa invoice ( optional)

  • Invoice/ delivery

  • Receivables


  • Streamline sales cycle.

  • Automate your sales process with a just click.

  • Visualize and create any process with drag-and- drop simplicity.

  • Help to minimize overall sales processing time.

  • Track entire sales process

  • Immediate Quotation, order , invoice generation


Our sales management system effectively manage your enquiry, quotation, order delivery etc and general information related to your sales make it easier for you to continuously improve. It can help you do this better than any manual method can. You can handle all the process from enquiry to delivery.