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Workflow Management


Robust Workflow Management Software to streamline routine processes and make your business truly agile


BiZ Magnet work flow system seamlessly connects tasks, documents, data, and people into a single collaborative work environment and empowers them with an easily configurable workflow tool.BiZ Magnet work flow system minimizes business dependency on IT allowing you to quickly set up and modify your workflows with a drag and drop simplicity and in an intuitive graphical interface.

professional services are always there for you to help whenever you need consultancy, product training, custom integration or a complete turn-key workflow management implementation.

  •   Replace unproductive spreadsheet-based process with highly automated workflow software
  •   Gain real-time visibility and eliminate process bottlenecks
  •   Optimize your processes and scale your daily operations
  •   Increase your team productivity and boost collaboration 


work flow system enables setting of conditional transitions and configuring of work flow lunch and execution. It also allow on the fly work flow modification ensuring full process continuity. You can g    gain real time visibilityand control over all your business activities related to employees and identify bottlenecks. Set up scheduled automated report to enable timely management decision. You  can send messages, memo and notification to employees easily and set priorities.  Discuss and collaborate on task, documents etc. Our work flow system helps your employees engaged in your daily process and ensures maximum productivity.