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Rent A Car Software

Car Rental Management System

Rent A Car Manage your rental car business easily and fast with Rent A Car solutions! AiN Technologies offers your esteemed car rental business it’s much needed tool – Rent A Car software. Rent A Car simplifies the processes involved in booking and managing rental cars.

The cutting-edge technology enhances your competence in the car rental industry, while improving customer satisfaction and employee morale. Your business gets a wholesome makeover with this affordable auto rental software! Rent A Car solutions assures that your day-to-day business processes run smoothly and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art auto rental software is equipped with all the essential vehicle management solutions and can further be customized to your business needs.

 Your front-desk staff will find it easy to manage the bookings.ØIt is easy to incorporate all your company policies and procedures to effectively manage your rental car business, without compromising your uniqueness. Your customers will find it convenient to book their rentals.

Your top management will find it simple to make decisions and implement them. AiN Technologies will accommodate the magnitude of your business (local, national and global), the types and number of vehicles you rent, your business processes and policies in offering you just the perfect rental management solution though Rent A Car. You are promised the best returns for your efforts and money. No two businesses are the same, and we know your business has it unique requirements. We customize the right rental solution, whether you need a static desktop application, dynamic online application or both.

You can go for, A standard single-location windows application • An integrated multi-location rental system • An online reservation system • A customized solution incorporating the features of the above As your business needs change or grow, you can be rest assured with our guaranteed support, upgrades and improvements on an on-going basis. We can develop car rental software that can be used in multiple locations and coordinated across all locations. You can manage the resources in each location and gain overall control of all locations through this single portal. The will be no limit to the number of vehicles, people, or reservations that can be managed at once, better yet there will be no confusion or error. Tracking and managing the different rate plans, tax calculations, rebates, damage and maintenance history, and more will be effortless.

We can integrate an online reservation system with your current website. Your customers will have the liberty to reserve your vehicles with no intervention. Their queries, concerns and issues can be addressed instantly with real-time information. Authorized users can utilize this system from anywhere, at any time. We make the entire process