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Biz Magnet ERP - A Complete Accounting Package for your Business

Ain Technology, a new generation Information Technology Services company is there with you to cater the IT needs of various commercial, trading and industrial establishments by providing them integrated business solutions. Our product range includes applications for businesses like Banks, Hospitals, Educational Institutions etc.

BiZ Magnet provides all the tools needed to energize and run your business. Whether your industry be manufacturing, media, service, retail, distribution, technology, non-profit, financial, or accounting, you will have excellent insight into all the processes of your business through the BiZ Magnet. Everything across the BiZ Magnet Application Suite is integrated and it is convenient to integrate data across third party websites, applications and databases through BiZ Magnet.


Biz Magnet can be adapted and personalized to your industry, business and employee structure and needs. Your business processes or parameters need not be changed to employ BiZ Magnet. The flexible ERP software adapts to your processes and fits into your business seamlessly.


You may have an entrepreneurial venture with few employees or an established organization with many employees, BiZ Magnet grows and sustains with your business. You can rest assured that with BiZ Magnet, you will never outgrow your ERP software. As you grow BiZ Magnet is flexible enough to grow with you, helping you effectively manage your resources, propelling your growth.


BiZ Magnet offers modern solutions and customizable options, as competent as the traditional ERP systems at a much affordable rate. By being flexible and affordable, BiZ Magnet frees your resources for other needs and facilitates your success.


Speed is power and BiZ Magnet helps you achieve speed in your response to your customer demands with its flexible, customizable ERP suite. The BiZ Magnet forms, software fields and functions are all customizable, and the audit trails and user permissions are easily manageable.

Technology behind BiZ Magnet

BiZ Magnet is a flexible framework that offers customizable ERP solutions suiting your industry standards and business needs. Built with SQL Server and .NET technologies, BiZ Magnet offers the following and more.

    Why Choose BiZ Magnet?

    With BiZ Magnet, you are not only getting an ERP solution or an accounting suite, but you are gaining a team of business consultants, .NET professionals and accounting software specialists. This Open Systems team has extensive experience in developing and deploying ERP solutions for 14 years. It successfully supports, enhances, and innovates business establishments in the Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia) and India, every day through its solutions.

    We are the best ERP solutions provider in Saudi Arabia. If you need an efficient ERP system to facilitate, your business, reach out to us today and share your requirements.

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